Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Anyone who has been exposed to world of no-code is probably familiar with, one of the most popular no-code development platforms. Yesterday I ran across another though - an award-winning augmented reality app developed for the 2018 Seattle AR/VR Hackathon. The app isn't a "no-code" product but it caught my interest because of the name and because augmented reality is rapidly making its way into the world of no-code.

What exactly is "augmented reality"? It's loosely defined as digital information superimposed on real world objects. If you watch college or NFL football you're familiar with that yellow "first down" line that you see on your TV. Or maybe you've used an app that shows how different pairs of reading glasses would look on your face in real life. Those are both examples of augmented reality and there are more examples popping up every day. 

If you look at most lists of emerging trends in both the private and business sectors, you'll find augmented reality as one of the main areas to keep an eye on. No-code platforms are also adding AR features, one example being Appy Pie's built-in AR/VR App Builder. Other platforms may not have integrated AR into their system yet, but you're starting to see AR plugins and I expect that trend to grow significantly in 2022.

What can you create with augmented reality? The app is a great example of the possible uses for AR applications. People like myself who have suffered significant hearing loss can find it really difficult at times to understand what other people are saying. utilizes augmented reality to provide real time closed captioning for individuals who are hearing impaired. It differentiates between speakers and displays speech "bubbles" showing what each person is saying as they say it. 

You can see an example of the app at work at:

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

New Series on No-Code Coming Soon on Webflow TV

Webflow TV is planning to launch a new series on the growth of no-code, beginning in early 2022. The announcement reads:

No-code web development is changing the game and helping people close the gap between idea and impact. Generation No-Code, goes behind the curtain to tell real stories of how agencies, entrepreneurs, and creatives are becoming more empowered on the web — and using no-code tools to pursue their dreams. See firsthand the impact no-code is having on today’s visionaries and get inspired by their passion and drive. Generation No-Code is directed by Matthew Encina and the first episode will premiere in early 2022 on Webflow TV. (

Stay tuned for further information...

Monday, December 6, 2021

A Template for Designers, Writers and Developers

Zeroqode ( has an interesting no-code template that could be useful for anyone who wants to build an app to display their projects, including things like other apps, books, artwork, etc. Here's the description for "Archimist":

Archimist no-code template is designed to help you build an app without code which allows you to showcase your works, add and delete projects, add team members, design articles and more. This fully functional and responsive template is suitable for architectural, interior design, construction practices etc. It will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers and potential customers.

- Filterable & Integrated projects/portfolio
- Newsletters subscription to mailchimp
- Micro Blog/News page
- Well designed dashboard
- Fully responsive pages
- Sharing buttons for blog
- Minimalist Design