Monday, October 25, 2021

Zoho One - Zoho's "Business Operating System"

I've posted before about Zoho Creator, Zoho's no-code/low-code app development platform. Creator is one of the oldest and easiest platforms to work with, but it's just one of numerous products in the Zoho family, which includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Sheets, and Zoho Books among others. Back in 2017 Zoho combined access to these applications in a single product called "Zoho One", which they refer to as a "business operating system". The latest version of Zoho One was released earlier this month and it offers a truly integrated package of applications - and what's really nice is that wirh Zoho Creator you can create custom apps that can exchange data with Zoho One applications.

Zoho One now includes over 50 applications and services, all available in one unified user interface. In addition, there is support for adding third party services by means of API connections. Here are a few of the applications and services in the suite:

  • Sales
    • Zoho CRM - A Customer Relations Management app that can be used by any size business.
    • Zoho Bigin - A CRM for small to medium sized businesses.
    • Zoho Sites - Build no-code websites.
  • Marketing
    • Zoho Forms - Simple mobile form maker.
    • Zoho Survey - Create online surveys and questionnaires.
    • Zoho Commerce - Allows users to build a website/store, take orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market products or services and analyze collected sales data. 
  • Support
    • Zoho Lens - Provide online support for users with the help of a  smartphone camera and augmented reality software.
  • Productivity
    • Zoho Mail - Provides email services for personal and normal business email.
    • Zoho Projects - Project management software.
    • Zoho Connect - Team collaboration software.
    • Zoho Learn - Knowledge management and learning software.
  • Finance
    • Zoho Books - Online accounting software.
    • Zoho Invoice - Online invoicing software.
    • Zoho Inventory - Online inventory management software.
  • HR
    • Zoho People - Online human resources management software.
  • Business Process
    • Zoho Analytics - Business intelligence and data analysis software.
    • Zoho Data Prep - Data cleaning software.
    • Zoho Creator - Develop custom applications without coding and interface with other Zoho products and third party services.
Interfacing Zoho Creator with other Zoho applications does require some (small amount) of JavaScript or HTML coding, but there are lots of examples online to guide you. Even when you need to modify the coding in the examples the changes or additions are normally self-evident. Overall, Zoho offers an interesting option for customers looking for a comprehensive, integrated business management system that can be customized with no-code apps.

By the way, if you're wondering how popular Zoho and Zoho One are, here are some figures about how many people use Zoho:

"Zoho recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and has grown to over ten thousand employees in the last twenty-five years. Zoho has seventy million users in one hundred and eighty different countries. Zoho One has over forty thousand customers, with the largest customer having thirty-two thousand employees.

You can find out more about Zoho One on YouTube at: 

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