Saturday, April 2, 2022

A Belated Welcome to Zoho Creator 6

In October of last year, Zoho introduced Zoho Creator 6, a new version of their no-code/low-code application development platform. C6 includes an extension of some existing features and a number of completely new features. Here's a quick summary of what's available in the new version 6:

  • Even more APIs (now over 600 of them) to allow developers to connect to almost any external web service.
  • The ability to allow teams to collaborate in every stage of application development. Features include different permissions for different team members, change logs to keep track of who changed what and when, the ability to send notifications to other team members, and separate testing and production environments.
  •  A "blueprint" screen where you can build a flowchart defining how to automate a particular business process, including decision point criteria, responsible parties, possible options, and connections to other business processes.
  • Zoho's new conversational AI assistant "Zia".
  • A business analytics builder designed to provide meaningful insights on real-time information and help automate tasks on the go. In addition, you can utilize Zia to get immediate answers to your questions and auto-generate visualizations.
  • A robotic process automation feature to help businesses automate repetitive  tasks, such as moving files from one digital location to another without human intervention. Just define a set of instructions for the bot to carry out.

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