Saturday, June 18, 2022

No-Code App Builder Article on Medium

There's an interesting 2-part article by Serhii Pospielov on Medium about creating no-code mobile apps. The first half is titled Best No-Code App Builders (Part 1) and if you have a membership on Medium, it's a good read. The author's goal was to create a clone of the IMDB app without using custom code if possible.

The article covers the author's attempt to build his app on five different no-code/low-code platforms: Appery, AppGyver, Thunkable, Adalo, and Microsoft PowerApps. In addition to being able to create an app with all the features of the IMDB application, each platform had to be able to create an application that could be exported to Android and iOS, in order to publish it to the market.

You can read about the author's attempts to build the app at: 

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