Saturday, February 27, 2021

Connecting Your Zoho Creator App to Outside Services


As mentioned in a previous post, plugins (AKA add-ins, add-ons, etc.) can be critical in providing the features you need in your app. Plugins are software components produced by the development platform itself, by users, or by third parties. They provide specific features beyond, or in addition to, what you can do using the basic elements available on the platform.

Primarily, plugins supply the ability to link your app to outside services like Stripe, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets, but they may also be a temporary way to provide functions that will be integrated into the platform in the near future. In any case, if you're creating an app on a no-code (or low-code) platform, you need to be aware of what "add-in" functions you have available to you. 

For example, Zoho Creator offers a wide variety of plugins including:

  • PayPal - Accept and make payments to your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders by using PayPal.
  • Stripe - Integrate your app with Stripe's digital payment service.
  • Twilio - Send instant notifications via SMS to your customers with Zoho Creator's built-in notification system and Twilio.
  • QuickBooks - Your Zoho Creator app can integrate with QuickBooks, to help you manage accounts, generate invoices, and automate payment reminders.
  • Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Invoices - Connect to other popular Zoho products.
  • Zapier - By connecting to Zapier's integration service you can access over 100 other applications.
  • APIs - Zoho Creator allows API calls to multiple apps, either by direct connection or by invoking a URL.
There are dozens of additional plugins for Zoho Creator - take a little time to go through the list and you may find just the one you need for your app.

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