Friday, February 19, 2021

No-Code Showdown (circa 2016)

 Back in 2016 PCMag ( held a demonstration where they asked low-code developers from Appian, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zoho to face off against each other. The idea was for each group to show that they could produce a usable app in one hour. 

Each team had to create a event scheduling app that could add a new event (including name, date/time, and duration), invite users to come to the event, and allow visitors to view a list of upcoming events in a calendar view or as a chronological list. If the competitors completed the required functions for their app and still had time left, they could add more features such as notifications.

All four teams were able to construct a working scheduling app within the hour time limit. To read more about the competition and see what the apps looked like and how they performed, go to: (Building an App With No Coding: Myth or Reality?, By Rob Marvin, June 30, 2016).

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