Thursday, February 18, 2021

No-Code Templates and Tutorials (Part 1)

You can find a raft of step-by-step tutorials and customizable app templates on the Internet, which can make it much easier to create the app you need. Every so often we'll highlight one or two of these that we feel are particularly useful, beginning with this post covering Caspio's Patient Portal.

Caspio's Patient Portal provides a number of features for a medical clinic or doctor's office including:

  • A registration form where new patients can sign up and create their login.
  • The ability for existing patients to review their previous visits, update their profile and check on messages sent by the doctor.
  • A section of the app where doctors can review patient visits, send messages to patients or other personnel and track patient health data like vital signs and blood pressure readings.
You can also add more features to the app, such as a calendar where doctors, nurses, and others can schedule patient appointments.

A major advantage of these no-code apps is that you can adapt them to suit your own situation. For example, a veterinary supply could make the patient portal a customer portal. Frequent customers could review past purchases, enter prescription information for their pets and check current news items on how to deal with certain medical conditions. In addition, customers might be able to submit questions to a veterinarian who works with the supply company or request an online visit with a veterinarian. 

In fact, Caspio's Patient Portal could be easily adapted to a number of situations. And anyone who decides to customize the app and is struggling to make the modifications they want can always ask for help from the platform experts and forum members.

You can find more information on how to build this app on YouTube and at: 

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