Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Caspio's Free Patient Portal Template

If you have a need for a comprehensive online patient management app, Caspio has a no-code template that could be your answer. The free template includes a public view, a patient view, and a physician view, and a customizable database that can be stored on Caspio's platform, which is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. 

Features include:

  • New patients can fill out a medical history form online.
  • Patients are able to view a list of their prior visits to the facility, along with the results of that visit.
  • Patients are able to view messages sent by their doctor or the medical staff.
  • Patients are also able to update their profile information at any time.
  • Physicians and staff can view a list of the patients (active or inactive) by doctor, including their medical status, insurance carrier and policy number,  and email address, along with details of their medical history, previous visits, and vital signs taken during each visit.
  • Physicians and staff members can leave messages for patients, regarding scheduled appointments, medication, advice on treatment, or other information relating to patient care. 
Caspio even suggests some enhancements you could add to the template,  such as email alerts to patients (regarding test results, changes in medicine, etc.) and an appointment calendar that would allow patients to sign up for an appointment on their own. 

One other thing I like about this template is its flexibility. With a few changes you could make this work for a number of situations where you have visitors, members, and administrators. For example, if you need an app to manage a volunteer organization, you could modify the template to handle visitors who might be interested in volunteering, actual volunteers, and supervisors or project managers. Messages could be sent to specific volunteers regarding the projects they're working on, and you could keep a history of which projects each volunteer has worked on and how many hours each one has contributed.

If you're interested, there's a six part tutorial on building the template available on YouTube:


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