Monday, May 24, 2021

No-Code Websites and Mobile Apps

Of course apps aren't the only thing users can create without knowing how to code. There are a number of popular website hosting platforms like Squarespace, Shopify and Wix that allow you to build a website without doing any coding. You can create an attractive, responsive and feature-rich website with any of them, but your're limited in how you can interact with your users.

With a website, your users have to remember your URL and navigate to it using a web browser. How can you increase your engagement with them? The simplest way is to build a mobile app from your website. Mobile apps have several advantages over websites – they're right there on the user's home page where one click opens up the app, plus you can send them push notifications occasionally to keep them informed about your business.

You can't create a mobile app from your website directly, but there are a number of no-code platforms like Appy Pie or PandaSuite that can do the job for you. They can convert your website into an Android and iOS app which includes features like push notifications, coupons, and the ability to receive in-app payments.

Even if you don't have an app you want to create, no-code platforms can help you to connect with your audience and extend your reach beyond your website. That's another good reason to learn more about the “no-code movement”.


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  3. Appy Pie and PandaSuite are good. I like that Bubble raised $100 million in VC last July so it means they will be in the game for a long time. Which means, you will be in the game for a long time considering some platforms may not make it as the industry grows and gets consolidated. Obviously, with the posts about Bubble on this site this isn't something escaping anyone's notice but thought to mention it for any first-time readers.

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    Peace and love.